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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wasp Blamed for Former TOWIE Star Maria Fowler’s Vehicle Accident

Former TOWIE star Maria Fowler was reportedly injured after crashing her sports car. Ironically, the cause of the crash was a naughty flying wasp inside her vehicle.

Apparently, Fowler was on her way to meet her friends last Saturday night when a wasp flew into her car, which caused her to panic and then veered her car towards few other vehicles.

The 26-year-old former star almost broke her leg from the incident. However, she still managed to walk away while in pain and with severe bruises. 

Fowler admitted that she crashed her sports car for some stupid reasons, but she claimed that she was terribly afraid of wasps. In fact, she has a serious phobia of them to the point that she even considered having hypnotherapy for her extreme fear. Also, she further claimed that she is allergic to the insect.

Fowler further added that she can’t even watch a wasp on television. She said she gets scared every time a wasp comes near her.

Moments after the incident, Fowler still managed to go out to celebrate her recent birthday with some close friends in Derby. Also, she even posted a photo of her bruised leg in her twitter account the same night when the incident occurred.

Fortunately for Fowler, as well as for the other motorists on the road during the incident, nobody sustained life-threatening injuries. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney is grateful for that, since obviously, those other vehicles involved in the accident were innocent victims.


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