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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

LAPD Officer Injured in Vehicular Accident

LAPD Police
A Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer was reportedly injured from a vehicular accident that happened at Encino. 

According to reports, the incident occurred at around 7:10 in the evening at the Ventura Boulevard and Hayvenhurst Avenue Intersection, just near Encino and Balboa golf courses.

Initial investigation revealed that the LAPD officer involved in the collision was traveling westbound when a sedan driven by a woman suddenly made a right turn onto northbound lane, which resulted in a collision.

Both the woman and the officer were transported to a hospital.

Authorities said that the officer was immediately discharged from the hospital while the woman received stitches due to a three-inch cut in her head.

Rescuers who responded to the accident scene claimed that both vehicles’ front ends were severely damaged, which was probably an indication of a head-on collision. Therefore, both drivers are indeed more likely to sustain injuries.

Meanwhile, further reports revealed that the woman was not immediately cited for the incident since the investigation is still underway.

Generally, in cases of head-on collisions, one or more person is likely to suffer from severe injuries that may lead to death. People who survive from such kind of vehicular accidents often find it difficult to cope with the sudden tragic change in their life.

This scenario –is particularly true in severe cases of head and spinal cord injury that sometimes result in paralysis or permanent disability. Therefore, both drivers were quite fortunate for surviving such a vehicle-vehicle crash.


  1. The LAPD officer is entitled for a car accident compensation claim if he wants to sue the woman who caused the accident the injury sustained.

  2. Yes, definitely he has all the right to sue the female driver. Thank you Lauren Hamilton for sharing your standpoint.