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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Truck Accident Closes 710 Freeway Lanes after Hot Asphalt Spills

According to recent news reports, all lanes of the 710 Freeway were closed following a truck accident Monday.

Reports claimed that the incident occurred at around 8:38 in the evening. According to authorities, hot asphalt spilled from a big rig across all northbound lanes of the freeway after it landed on its side in a multi-vehicle collision in Firestone Boulevard. 

Initial investigation revealed that a Toyota Corolla made a sudden change of lane and lost control. The event prompted a chain reaction which eventually caused the big rig to overturn.

At least three people were transported to a hospital for minor injuries, according to a spokesperson from the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Caltrans workers were dispatched in the accident scene to clean up the spilled asphalt on the freeway.

Consequently, all lanes of the northbound side of the freeway were closed to traffic until 6 o’clock Tuesday morning, while two of the four lanes remained close thereafter, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles injury lawyer here admitted that truck accidents account for only a small percentage on all traffic accidents in California. However, their effects are often destructive and should not be taken for granted.


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