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Thursday, January 10, 2013

American Singer-songwriter Investigated for Hit-and-run Incident

According to recent news reports, California traffic officers questioned country legend singer Emmylou Harris following a hit-and-run car accident that occurred on a Los Angeles freeway last October.

Media sources reported that the 65-year old singer-songwriter allegedly hit another car while driving a rental car along a Los Angeles freeway on the first day of October last year at around 10 o’clock in the evening. Subsequently, instead of stopping her car to exchange insurance information with the other driver, Harris continued her driving and fled from the scene.

As a result of which, the other driver filed a hit-and-run report following the incident. Consequently, the California Highway Patrol opened a hit-and-run investigation which is now said to be complete and had been forwarded to the LA County District Attorney.

Apparently, Harris is set to appear before the District Attorney’s office for the decision of her hit-and-run charge. So far, it is not yet determined whether she will be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, during a short interview, Harris’ representative reportedly admitted to a media source that the singer legend was involved in what she described as “minor” traffic accident but she affirmed that it was unintentional. The representative further explained Harris’ part claiming that she didn’t realize the cars made contact, which explains why she drove off. Nevertheless, Harris had already referred the matter over to her insurance company.

Meanwhile, it can be remembered that just a few months ago, a similar incident involved Lindsay Lohan who allegedly hit the knee of a pedestrian in a Manhattan hotel parking lot and then drove off. After a hit-and-run charge was filed against the young actress, she denied the allegation and claimed that she was not aware that there was a collision that occurred.

In most cases, leaving the accident scene, particularly when there is an injury or damage incurred, is automatically considered hit-and-run. Therefore, it is very necessary to stop and remain at the accident scene until police arrive. As it is, even if you are not at fault for the car or pedestrian accident, you may be held liable for it once you leave the scene. Therefore, Los Angeles lawyers remind drivers to never leave the scene in cases of accidents or personal injury without first informing authorities on what happened.