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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Evidence from Old Car Accident Leads Amanda Bynes to Second Hit-and-run Charge

In her previous car accident more than a month ago, Amanda Bynes was officially charged with hit-and-run and now, the troubled young star is more likely to face another charge of the same kind after investigation revealed evidences that proved Bynes of being guilty for an April car accident.

It could be remembered that way back April 6, Bynes reportedly hit an LA County sheriff’s car in northbound Robertson Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard intersection at around 3 o’clock in the morning.

Reports said that although the collision damaged both vehicles, no one witnessed the incident, thereby making Bynes free from any allegations and charges. However, she was still arrested the same day for drunk driving and was given a citation.

All the while, Bynes probably thought that she has nothing to worry about her old accident for having no one to stand as witness, but the fact that she definitely forgot is the evidence left in the sheriff’s car which matched the evidences in the rented car she was driving during the incident.

Now, said evidence became a solid proof that led the former Nickelodeon star to her second hit-and-run charge after prosecutors re-opened her old car accident case. Additionally, LA county officials said that Bynes was scheduled to appear in court on September 27.

Meanwhile, no comments coming from Bynes party was yet released.

Accordingly, hit-and-run has serious legal consequences, which include suspension or cancellation of driver’s license. The act is often considered as a criminal offense, which can be penalized by imprisonment. Moreover, insurance companies usually void the insurance policies of drivers involved in such cases.

Therefore, in the event of car accidents, avoid fleeing from the scene even though you are not at fault since once you left the scene, you may be automatically considered at fault, said a Los Angeles injury attorney.


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