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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mercedes Benz Prototype Bursts in Fire during Crash Test

After a series of massive recall conducted by its rival companies, Mercedes Benz seems like working its way too hard to avoid getting into similar trouble.

However, in a recent report, obviously Mercedes Benz still has to go a long way before it can finally guarantee customers’ safety after its upcoming SLS AMG Black Series’ prototype went up into fire.

According to reports, the prototype burst into fire as it reaches the Dottinger Hohe section of the Nurburgring track.

Dottinger Hohe is actually one of the fastest sections in the track, not to mention that Nurburgring is considered the most demanding and most difficult purpose-built racing circuit in the world. Aside from racing events, it has become the best venue for testing prototypes.

Going back to the incident, although the car was totally wrecked and burnt, the engineers in the car were fortunately unscathed. Such incident allegedly proves that the German automaker indeed exerted some serious effort into the SLS’ safety devices. 

Moreover, according to a press release, there is nothing to be worried about since the wreck of the track’s nature is really bound to cause fire and that the incident has nothing to do with the quality of the upcoming vehicle.

Recently, some of the biggest automakers including Toyota, Honda, and General Motors (GM) have announced their massive product recall due to fire risks.

Definitely, it is what Mercedes does not want to happen to its cars, which is why it never regrets its decision to sacrifice such an expensive piece of metal for the sake of its customers’ safety.

Consequently, several accident lawyers Los Angeles are pretty satisfied with the automaker’s efforts.


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