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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Responding San Bernardino Deputy Involved in Fatal Pedestrian-car Accident

Following a series of fatal accidents involving police patrol cars and pedestrians, another deputy was again reportedly involved in a pedestrian-car accident.

According to police reports, a San Bernardino deputy who was trying to respond to a radio call struck a pedestrian who crossed in front of him.

Initial investigations revealed that the deputy was heading south on Cedar Avenue to respond to a radio call he received at around 9:15 in the evening. Meanwhile, the pedestrian was then crossing outside a marked crosswalk.

Consequently, the collision brought a strong impact which caused the pedestrian to be thrown into the air. The pedestrian was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene. However, his identity was not yet revealed pending notification of his family.

So far, the incident is currently under investigation. Accordingly, authorities are trying to determine whether the patrol car’s siren or signal lights were on during the incident.

Meanwhile, although it is strictly required that a patrol car should be sending signals like sirens or lights whenever they are responding to a call, pedestrians are likewise required to use the proper or legal crosswalks when crossing down the streets to avoid such accidents, reminded some Los Angeles injury lawyers.


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