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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Likely to Face Charges Resulting from her June California Car Accident

According to a celebrity news website, embattled actress Lindsay Lohan could face jail time if convicted following her inconsistent story regarding her car accident that occurred in California several months ago.

Previous reports claimed that several witnesses to the crash have reportedly testified to police that Lohan was the one driving her Porsche when the same crashed into an 18-wheeler truck in California Pacific Coast Highway last June 8.

However, Lohan insisted that she was not the one driving the car when the accident occurred. She claimed that her assistant was the driver during that time, which her assistant denied.

Also, in some news reports, Lohan allegedly admitted that the she was the driver of the car but affirmed that it was not her fault since the truck cut off her rented Porsche car.  In addition, in another news report, Lohan accordingly put the blame on the Porsche’s brake, which allegedly failed to work properly.

Subsequently, Porsche, together with the Sta. Monica Police Department, conducted an investigation following Lohan’s accusation and eventually found out that the car’s brakes did not really malfunction at the time of the incident.

Accordingly, a case will be filed by the Sta. Monica City Attorney against Lohan within this week.

Unfortunately, the ‘Mean Girls’ star is still currently under probation from her previous misdemeanor. If she will be convicted this time, she would likely face another jail time, explained by a car accident attorney in Los Angeles who has monitored the young actress’ previous troublesome years.


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